API Structure

eManager Runtime Library is composed by two kinds of libraries: modules and packages.

A module is a hardware access layer (HAL) representing a software eMOD subsystem. Each library module is directly related to own hardware module, such as a relays module. The core module is the Controller module.

A package is a library that implements the interface with a Controller hardware component, or it can also be a tool, such as Clock Package.

The following list shows the different modules:

Module Module Id Module description Link
8SR 3 8 Signal relays module Link
10DI 4 10 Digital inputs module Link
7AI+2PR 5 7 Analog inputs and 2 power relays module Link
12AI 6 12 Analog inputs module Link
6_3 Level 7 6_3 Level Meters module -
5DI+2PR 8 5 Digital inputs and 2 power relays module Link
EM3 10 3 Phase Energy Meters module Link
Supercap 255 Supercapacitor module Link

The following diagram shows the structure of the library:

eManager API Modules