Multiple modules of the same type

The eManager is a modular device that can handle different configurations depending on the modules attached to the core.

You can find the list with the available modules that can be attached to the eManager here.

Normally, when different modules are attached, all of them receive a specific numeration (in a field called module number or variant). By default, all the modules are enumerated with number 1 if there are only one module for each type.

The eManager can handle multiple modules of the same type at the same time. For example, we can have an eManager with two 7AI+2PR modules to finally have 14 AI (analog inputs) and 4 PR (power relays). If this is the case and we have more than one module of the same type, they are identified by an increasing number beginning with #1.

Important enumeration rule

For modules of the same type, the module number or variant number 1 is assigned to the module closest to the main module (the one with the Ethernet connector). The number 2 to the next and so on.

Important information

The numeration of each module is extremely important to properly use the API since it is the key factor to interact with one module or the other one.