Software Components

eManager Components

Application Framework

  • Multi-language API: use the most appropriate language to develop each application (C, C++, Python, Go, Java...).

  • C++-based runtime library: optimize low-level processing power to allow optimal user application.

  • Toolkit: all tools that you need already adapted with the IoT (Node-RED, EdgeX Foundry...).

Linux Application

  • Linux Applications: all the applications you already know on Linux at your service.

Linux Distribution

  • Board support package (BSP): defines interfaces and optimize hardware.

  • Long-term supported Linux kernel (LTSI): hosted and maintained by Linux Foundation.

  • Free open source packages: all system required packages (BusyBox, NTP, DHCP, PPP...).

Development Environment

  • SDK: collection of software development tools to manage user application, developed with any programming language.

  • Yocto Build System: recipes, layers, and configuration files to produce images and packages.