eManager Technical Specifications

General Information

Main Features


  • ARM CORTEX-A7 700 Mhz.
  • 256 MB DDR3 memory.
  • 512 MB NAND flash memory.

eManager Pro:

  • ARM CORTEX-A7 800 Mhz.
  • 512 MB DDR3 memory.
  • 8 GB eMMC flash memory.

  • High performance embedded system with Linux Yocto integrated.
  • GPRS, Digital & Analog I/O, Energy metering and many more expansion modules.
  • Wi-Fi and BT (optional).
  • RS-232/485 from 9600 to 115200 bps.
  • Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps.
  • Node-RED integrated.


eManager is an OEM industrial controller which is equipped with a high-performance control unit with a Linux Yocto embedded. The device includes RS-232/485 serial communications and an Ethernet 10/100 port. Some features as the CPU clock, flash storage or RAM can be choosen between a range of models. eManager can be expanded with GSM/GPRS communications, Digital & Analog I/O, Energy metering and many more modules.

**eManager** Leds


**eManager** Dimensions

Technical features

**eManager** Technical Features

Electrical Connections

Power Connector

Power connector can be connected using a single phase or three phases:

  • To connect with three phases, you only need to connect to V1, V2, V3 and N connectors.
  • To connect with a single phase, you only must to connect to V3 and N connectors.

Antenna Connector

To install the external antenna, simply screw on the connector clockwise.

Ethernet Connector

The equipment has a standard Ethernet port to be able to access it from and to the outside.

SIM Card Reader

The eManager needs a SIM (1FF) card to operate on a cellular network.

The SIM card reader slot is located at the back of the eManager. A SIM card must be inserted into the SIM card holder. To fit a SIM card, insert the card with the contacts facing up and the shortest end facing in. The card should not be protruding once correctly inserted.


It is recommended that you turn off the eManager before inserting or changing the SIM.

Once the SIM card is fitted, you can enable mobile data connectivity.


Some network operators may lock SIM cards to operate in specific devices only. Contact the network operator if the SIM card requires unlocking.

RS232/RS485 Connector

To use RS232 or RS485 you must connect your device to the following connectors:

eManager RS232/485 Connector