8 Signal Relays Module

The 8SR module (datasheet) is composed by 8 signal relays that can be activated or deactivated manually or jointly with a concrete pulse width that can be changed by the user.

Obviously, it can also be known whether a specific relay is activated or not.

Information about how to program this node using Node-RED can be found here. Otherwise, if you want to develop your own applications using the multilanguage API, please check here for more information.

Important Information

This module has its own microcontroller, which is able to manage and control all the module I/O.


This module has 3 main functionalities, which are:

  • Configure module parameters. In this case, you must define the pulse width for each relay.
  • Activate or deactivate one, some or all relays.
  • Get the current relays status for one or all of them.