Wifi AP Pool Address

To properly configure the Wifi AP pool address, the following 2 parameters must be added to the Wifi configuration file:

  • PoolOffset: It takes the offset of the pool from the start of subnet, or zero to use the default value.
  • PoolSize: It takes the number of IP addresses in the pool or zero to use the default value.

Those parameters are the ones which configure the pool of addresses to hand out. The pool is a contiguous sequence of IP addresses in the subnet configured for the server address, which does not include the subnet nor the broadcast address.

By default, the pool starts at the first address after the subnet address and takes up the rest of the subnet, excluding the broadcast address. If the pool includes the server address (the default), this is reserved and not handed out to clients.

Both parameters (PoolOffset and PoolSize) must be added at the end of that file. For example, if you need to define a pool address from .15 to .35, you have to:

Step 1. Open the configuration file

You can open the configuration file using nano /etc/systemd/network/21-wlan0.network

Step 2. Add the PoolOffset and the PoolSize parameter to the file

The following lines must be added at the end of file:

[DHCPServer] PoolOffset=15 PoolSize=20