1) eManager Recommendations

1.1) Package upgrade having weak connectivity

If you have a weak Internet connectivity, we recommend you to upgrade the eManager packages following this steps:

Step 1. Enter to the eManager

Enter to the eManager using the ssh root@ command.

Step 2. Start the opkg upgrade service

Start the opkg perform-opkg-upgrade service in a non-blocking mode using:

systemctl --no-block start perform-opkg-upgrade.

Step 3. Exit the eManager and wait some minutes before entering again

You can use the command exit to cut off the connection with the eManager and to not make the upgrade process slower. Once you exit the device, you have to wait a couple of minutes before entering to it again.

Step 4. Check the upgrade logs

Check the logs obtained during the upgrade process using:

cat /tmp/opkg_upgrade_result.txt

It is important to verify that at the end of the file it appears the "Upgraded ok!". If this is not the case, please go back to step 2 and repeat the process.

Step 5. Reboot the device

Restart the eManager using reboot command to ensure that the changes take effect.

2) Node-RED Recommendations

2.1) Editing Current flow if Node-RED gets stucked

If you are not able to access Node-RED because the service is restarting all the time, it is possible that you have configured some wrong parameter in the flow that makes Node-RED to get stucked.

You need to edit the current Node-RED flow that is running in the eManager from the console.

To do so, you have to follow these steps:


Node-RED flows are stored in /var/lib/node-red directory.

Step 1. Edit the flows.json file.

The flow is stored in the file flows.json. You can access the file using:

nano /var/lib/node-red/flows.json

Step 2. Restart Node-RED

Restart the service using:

systemctl restart node-red